Urban villa
Uchii, Shozo | Yokohama, Japan | 1967
Image of Sakura-dai...
Building mass along street, shops at grade.

ArchitectUchii, Shozo
Addressw. of Yokohama on Yokohama line/Denentoshi Line
Building TypeUrban villa
Number of Dwellings252
Date Built1967
Dwelling Types2 & 3 bdrm. flats
No. Floors5
Section Typepoint access flats
Exterior Finish
Construction TypeRC frame/walls
Ancillary Servicesshops

Kiyonori Kikutake planned this area as part of a development sponsored by the private railroad line serving the region west of Yokohama to try and increase rider ship. Originally this was to have been a subdivision of single houses, but because of rapid expansion of the population of the region it was decided that this site should be developed as apartments. Between 1967 and 1970, Uchii, who had worked for Kikutake, designed two separate projects on the east and west slopes of a small wooded hill. Sakura-dai-Village, the first group, is built on the eastern side of the hill along a small commercial strip at the base of the slope. Sakura-dai-Court Village, built in 1970 is on the opposite side of the hill.

Sakura-dai-Village consists of two parallel, 5-story high rows of building on a site sloping up from the street. The buildings along the street contain a row of shops along the street with a service drive behind and 4 floors of identical 5 room flats above. The upper row of buildings contains a similar arrangement of 4 room flats. A connecting smaller building runs down the south end of the site responding to the corner at the street intersection. Two pedestrian walks pass through the landscaped slope between buildings. The apartments are arranged in pairs, which share an entrance and stair. Kitchens and baths back up to this circulation zone creating a repeating core element. Diagonal extensions to each dwelling consisting of bedrooms and terraces on the west side and upper kitchens on the east create a distinctive stepped form.

At Sakura-dai-Court Village, the diagonal form is continued although now the typical dwelling is an "ell"-shaped 5 room flat which is repeated as a connected series of party-wall, two and three story buildings. Here each apartment has a private entrance. The slope is steeper with the Court complex and the apartments are cantilevered out from the supporting piers to maximize buildable area with minimum foundations.

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