Perimeter block, infill
Av. Jean-Jaurès
Mimram, Marc | Paris, France | 1998
Image of Av. Jean-J...
Av. Jean Jaurès facade

ProjectAv. Jean-Jaurès
ArchitectMimram, Marc
Address135 Av. Jean-Jaurès (19th)
Building TypePerimeter block, infill
Number of Dwellings19
Date Built1998
Dwelling Types2 & 3 br flats
No. Floors4-8
Section Typeflats
Exterior Finish
glazed brick, metal, glass
Construction TypeRC frame
Ancillary Servicesshops along sidewalk

Located a short distance from the Park de la Villette redevelopment projects along Ave. Jean-Jaurès, this modest infill project continues the alignment of 8 story buildings along the street, with commercial shops at the street level and terraced penthouse apartments on the top floor. A second smaller 4-story building is placed at the rear of the plot defining a small courtyard that is minimally landscaped. Entrance to the rear building, which has only a stair access to the two bedroom dwellings at each floor, is through the courtyard. On the street façade a strong horizontal emphasis is established with the projecting ledge of the floor slabs, the wide recessed balconies which are fully enclosed with folding glass screens and the zone of commercial space along the sidewalk. The strong vertical quality of the narrow site and the narrow vertical zones of white glazed brick walls define an alternating composition of large and small bays that counterbalance this horizontal order. This division of the façade is also a response to the plan organization of a two different sized apartments facing the street. The folding glass screens that enclose the balconies of the living spaces facing the street are a clever innovation. The balconies are recessed several feet and faced with sliding glass doors. The folding glass panels combined with the rolling awnings render the balcony a very flexible and useful extension of the south-facing living spaces. In the summer the glass panels are folded to the sides and the awning extended to provide a shaded, outside terrace. Closing the panels during the winter months turns the same terrace into a combination sunroom, passive solar heating device.

Techniques et Architecture, Feb. 1999, p. 77

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