Slab, point-access
Slab, point-access
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Project Name Architect Building Type City Country
Quartaccio Barucci, Pietro,; Mario ... Slab, point-access Rome Italy
Rue des Suisses Herzog, Jacques & Pierre ... Perimeter block, ... Paris France
Solbjerg Have Fćllestegnestuen (Jřrgen ... Slab, double-loaded/Slab, ... Frederiksberg ... Denmark
Suvikumpu/Suvituuli Pietilä, Raili & Reima Clustered low-rise/Slab, ... Tapiola (Helsinki) Finland
Torrevecchia Barucci, Pietro,; Lucio ... Slab, gallery access/Slab, ... Rome Italy
Trinity Apartments Architectus Slab, point-access Auckland New Zealand
Trinity Buoy Wharf Lacey, Nicholas & ... Slab, point-access/Urban villa London Great Britain
Viaduct Harbour Moller Architects ... Slab, gallery access/Slab, ... Auckland New Zealand
Villagio Olimpico Cafiero, Vittorio,; ... Clustered low-rise/Courtyard/S... Rome Italy
Välno Aurerin Apartments Helin, Pekka, & Tuomo ... Slab, point-access/Tower Helsinki Finland
Weesperstraat Uytenhaak, Rudy Perimeter block/Slab, gallery ... Amsterdam The Netherlands
ZAC, Reuilly-Galfetti Galfetti, Aurelio Perimeter block, ... Paris France
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